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    Greater Heights is an engaging, relevant, and Christ-centered church where everyone can feel a part of – and take part in – meaningful worship, praise and service! It is a place where you can be educated, empowered, and encouraged to reach greater heights in your personal and spiritual life. We are committed to and love serving the Lord, and it is our pleasure to serve you and the entire community. What sets Greater Heights apart is what we call “Mad, Crazy Love.” We began to use this phrase to describe the unconditional love of Christ without judgment, guilt, or shame. But what is more important to us than the definition is how it is lived out. We live it out by caring for those who live on the margins of society when they can never pay us back; by offering hope and encouragement to those who are lost, hurt, or downtrodden; by offering kindness and concern to people who look, behave, believe, or act differently than we do. At Greater Heights, we offer this unconditional love of Christ to a world that loves conditionally. And it is our prayer and heart’s desire that all might not only know this mad, crazy love of Christ, but also that those who do know Christ might share and live in that same love with the world. We hope you’ll come by for a visit! You can dress as you like. Some people like wearing their “Sunday best” and some like to wear jeans. We want you to be comfortable! Contact us below or give Pastor Matt a ring at 919-632-3576