CMDA Speaker's Bureau

About the Speaker's Bureau

Have you ever needed someone to speak to your CMDA group, to a church or community event?  CMDA provides for your convenience, a list of some choices.  Each speaker has expertise in a number of subjects.

Rev. Bert L. Jones, CCLC
Pastor Bert serves as the Vice President of Missions & Member Care for the Christian Medical & Dental Associations (CMDA) in Bristol, TN.
William “Griff” Griffin, DDS
Faith Prescriptions | Science, Faith and Healthcare | Dental Mission Trips
Jennifer Fischer, PA-C
Human Trafficking | Sex Trafficking | Pornography
Robert E. Cranston, MD, MA (Ethics), MSHA, FAAN, CPE, ICF
Physician-Assisted Suicide | End-of-Life Decision-Making | Research ethics | The Importance of Palliative Care | Right of Conscience | Medical Ethics
Allen Roberts, MD
End-of-Life Care | Biblical Anthropology | Medical Ethics
Trish Burgess, MD
Trish Burgess, MD
Medical Missions | Global Health Outreach | Human Trafficking | Team Leadership | Healthcare as a Ministry
D. Joy Riley, MD, MA (Bioethics)
D. Joy Riley, MD, MA (Bioethics)
Medical Ethics | Bioethics | Informed Consent | Physician-Assisted Suicide | Rights of Conscience
Al Weir, MD
Al Weir, MD
Medical Missions | Clinical Medicine | Ethics
Dennis M. Sullivan, M.D., F.A.C.S., M.A. (Ethics)
Dennis M. Sullivan, M.D., F.A.C.S., M.A. (Ethics)
Organ Donation | Medical Ethics | Doctor-Patient Relationship | Informed Consent | Physician-Assisted Suicide | Resource Allocation | Stem Cell Research | Rights of Conscience
Dr. Stevens
David Stevens, MD, MA (Ethics)
Bioethics | Missions | Religious Liberty | Leadership | Evangelism/Discipleship | Integration of Faith and Health | Preaching | Medical Relief | Organizational Governance and Management | Media Training
Rosemary Fernandez Stein, MD
Parent Centric Parenting | Hispanic Voter Engagement | Teenage Abstinence,| Parental Rights | Parenting for Good Outcomes
John Patrick, MD
John Patrick, MD
Ethical Issues in Medicine and Culture | Integration of Faith and Science.
Dónal P. O’Mathúna, PhD
Ethical Issues in Healthcare | Nanotechnology bioethics (nanoethics) | Using the Bible in Bioethics | Complementary & Alternative Medicine
Dale A. Matthews, MD, FACP
Religion and Health | Healing Power of Prayer | Anxiety | Spiritually-Sensitive Medicine | Clinician-Patient Communication
Autumn Dawn Galbreath, MD, MBA
Aging | Depression in Primary Care Practice | Business/Management/Admin. in Healthcare | God's Grace | Working Mothers | Marriage
Reginald Finger
Reginald Finger, MD, MPH
Reproductive Bioethics | Public Health | Immunization | Infectious Diseases | Epidemiologic Methods & Surveillance

What is the Speakers Bureau?

The CMDA Speakers Bureau is a platform that helps third parties connect with qualified speakers on healthcare, public policy, bioethics and other subjects.


How it works

CMDA does not directly recommend speakers to inquiring third parties; we simply provide them access to contact you directly.


How can I be added to the Speakers Bureau?

To be listed as a speaker on the website, you will need to

Have two CMDA members recommend you or send a recording of one of your talks to for review.


Once you are approved, you’ll be asked to provide contact information for those making inquiry along with a bio, photo, and a list of topics that you speak on using the Speaker’s form.



Recommended Speakers Disclaimer: Christian Medical & Dental Associations does not manage the expenses, honorariums or speaking schedule for speakers. The opinions of the speakers do not necessarily reflect the official policy of the Christian Medical & Dental Associations.

Speaker's Bureau Form

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