As a ministry of CMDA, Global Health Outreach is a short-term international missions program dedicated to providing healthcare while spreading the gospel by sending medical, dental and surgical teams around the world.

Each year, we send 40 to 50 teams around the world to countries including El Salvador, East Africa, India, the Pacific, Central Asia, Nicaragua, the Middle East and many others. Through these trips, we disciple participants, grow national churches, share the gospel and provide care to the poor and needy.

Global Health Outreach teams minister in outpatient primary care medicine and dentistry, and in small and large hospitals to provide surgical services. We partner with those who are focused on ministering to unreached people groups in challenging areas around the world, where we share our Savior’s love in deed. Many teams also serve the needy in the Americas, where open evangelism and discipleship in both word and deed is possible.

If you are a healthcare or allied health professional or student, an undergraduate student or are just interested in using the skills and resources the Lord has entrusted to you, check us out! The Lord is calling you to serve Him, and you will be blessed in your obedience!

A Student Serving in Honduras

“My faith was reaffirmed; I was renewed and recharged spiritually. My life is not meant to be lived for my benefit; instead, I was created to glorify Him, through the benefit of others.”

A Participant on a GHO Trip to Honduras

“Praying with patients openly was a new thing for me. Recognizing that all of the world is the mission ground of God and not just overseas, I am called to be a missionary by default. Also, I am called to surrender my life completely to what God has in store for me, and not plan my own life. I felt God calling me to do more with my life than just get a degree and make a lot of money. I want to further God’s glory to the ends of the earth.”

A Student on a GHO Trip to East Africa

“The medications we prescribed will run out, the surgical patients we treated will get sick again and the dental problems we addressed will recur, but the love of God will never cease.”