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For many Americans, Juneteenth has been celebrated as the day that commemorates the emancipation of our African American brothers and sisters from the cruel institution of slavery. The Emancipation Proclamation which actually freed slaves happened in 1863, but it would be another two and a half years before General Gordon Granger of the Union would inform the citizens of Galveston, Texas that slavery was indeed no more, sparking celebrations that have continued annually to this day.

As healthcare professionals, we strive to promote health and wellness in the communities that we touch. Slavery in any form (chattel slavery, sex trafficking, forced labor, recruitment of child soldiers, etc.) is an affront to our efforts, and therefore we stand in solidarity against any institution that promote illness whether physical or mental. Treating others differently because of race is unjust. Racism is contrary to biblical teaching which includes this command: “Love your neighbor as you love yourself” (Mark 12:31 GNT). As Christ-followers we are called to love those who don’t look or think like us. We are also called to grieve with those hurt by racism and to acknowledge pain and injustice. And we are called to seek justice for all humanity.

CMDA stands by its mission statement to educate, encourage, and equip Christian healthcare professionals to glorify God. This June 19th, let us strive to walk out this mission by rejoicing with those who rejoice, and continuing to follow in the steps of our Savior.

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"CMDA provides a much-needed voice for Christians in the medical professions—both inward (support and encouragement and service to members) and outward (to the watching world and the healthcare industry at large). Thank God for CMDA." – Tim B.

"So thrilled to see such a forum connecting Christian health professionals." – Irene S.

"This is an organization which, since my beginning Medical School in 1978, has helped remind me of my reason for being in medicine and my reason for living: to know Christ and to make Him known" – Bruce G.

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NOTE: CMDA does not provide healthcare services. The mission of CMDA is to educate, encourage and equip Christian healthcare professionals to glorify God. If you are seeking healthcare services, we provide a member search directory on this page that you can use to find a healthcare professional in your area.

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